The Only Coin Publicly Endorsed by Joe Rogan (Pending)

My Friend Joe

Here’s the deal. I know Joe Rogan. I mean, not really, but he knows my uncle. They went to school together and worked at a landscaping company. My uncle told Joe that I do crypto coins and Joe thinks it’s wicked sick, apparently. In fact, Joe (Joe Rogan, I call him Joe cause we’re friendly haha) was so impressed that he said he would like to endorse this coin on his podcast with over 20 million listeners! Isn’t that wild? He will be doing it soon I think.


There will be a 12% tax on all transactions, here's the breakdown:

  • 2% Distributed back to holders
  • 4% Automatically goes back into liquidity
  • 3% Charity of Joe Rogan’s Choice
  • 3% Marketing

If Joe doesn’t let me know which charity he chooses, the funds unfortunately can’t be donated. I’m sure he will since he is involved with this project, but there's a chance the charity wallet could grow very large and if Joe is silent he is effectively preventing dogs from having a home or global warming or AIDS or something. Be sure to let him know about this on twitter sometimes he takes his time replying.


“Very soon I’m going to talk about Rogan Finance on my podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. I’m serious, I can’t wait to talk about and get more people involved.”

Joe Rogan

“I know one of the founders. He is the nephew of a close friend of mine. We talk sometimes and I think he’s a very cool guy and I love his cryptocurrency project: Rogan Finance”

Joe Rogan

“I endorse this coin, I am Joe Rogan”

Joe Rogan

Meet the Team



Project lead

greg stringer

My Uncle

Knows Joe Rogan from the 80's

tyler lehren

Joe Rogan (Pending)

Advisor to Rogan Finance


How does your Uncle know Joe Rogan?

They went to school together, I think. That’s what he says at least. And they worked together at a landscaping company. They still talk most weekends.

When will Joe Rogan endorse this coin publicly?

I’m not sure. He for sure is going to, my uncle said so, but I guess lawyers and like details need to be figured out first haha. This is quite a big endorsement so some t’s and i’s need to be crossed but for sure he’s going to, that’s what my uncle said.

Do you honestly expect us to believe this?

Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. You’ll be crying when Fear Factor host, UFC commentator, Stand up Comedian, and my uncle’s close personal friend Joe Rogan publicly endorses this project on his podcast.

What makes this project valuable or unique relative to other Defi projects?

Joe Rogan endorses it. Or he’s going to. He hasn’t endorsed it yet but he’s going to I’m serious.

Where do you think the market goes from here?

Only up, wym. Dumb question.

Your Uncle is real, right?


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